Technical Services

WEkEO has limited information about their services online compared to the other DIAS’s. Their virtual processing environments are available in various sizes, ranging from 16GB RAM up to 4TB with either CentOS or Ubuntu (both Linux) operating systems. Windows mini and full are also supported, if the client provides their own licence.

They have a basic API called Harmonised Data Access (HDA) API which allows access to the whole data catalogue, with filtering, searching and downloading functionalities. This API allows datasets usage with Jupyter Notebooks and WEkEO virtual machines.

Support Options

WEkEO has a number of support options available, although these are limited. They provide a small list of FAQs, limited documentation, and a contact form.

Online documentation or user guides
Frequently asked questions
Working Examples e.g. Jupyter Notebooks
Helpdesk support via email
Telephone support


WEkEO provides a minimal free service including datasets, data downloads, Jupyter Notebooks and support. Extended services start at 66 EUR a month which includes the free services plus Virtual Machines, processing tools, and networking. Virtual machines start from 124.68 EUR/month up to 3,304.72 EUR/month, customised plans are available for larger virtual machines than offered.

Basic VM CPU: 4 cores | RAM: 16 GB | Storage: 100 GB local storage

Advanced VM | CPU: 8 cores | RAM: 64 GB | Storage: 250 GB local storage

All prices quote are Euros per month excluding VAT.

Basic VM
short term
Basic VM
long term (1 year contract)
Advanced VM
short term
Advanced VM
long term (1 year contract)
104.75 76,40 280.18 174.96