DIAS Comparisons

The DIAS (Data and Information access services) are cloud-based platforms developed to facilitate and standardise the access to Copernicus data and information. The platforms provide access to Sentinel data and to Copernicus operational services; they also host specific applications and tools.

DIAS Service Summary Matrix

It is expected that these DIASs will evolve over time and the pricing will be updated to meet these changes.
This wesbite will be updated periodically to reflect the service and price evolutions.

Data Availability

Service/DIAS CREODIAS WEkEO Mundi Onda Sobloo
Sentinel 1
Sentinel 2
Sentinel 3
Sentinel 5P

Support Options

Service/DIAS CREODIAS WEkEO Mundi Onda Sobloo
Online documentation or user guides
Frequently asked questions
Working Examples e.g. Jupyter Notebooks ✓*
Helpdesk support via email
Telephone support ✓**
*Working examples available on request via email.
**Telephone support is included in the technical support package, currently not included in free tier.

Pricing Comparison

All prices quote are Euros per month excluding VAT.

For the pricing comparison we defined two virtual machines: a basic system, which may be used for testing and development purposes, and a more powerful option, which may be a production level specification. The specifications for the virtual machines are as follows:

Basic VM

CPU: 4 cores

RAM: 16 GB

Storage: 100 GB local storage

Advanced VM

CPU: 8 cores

RAM: 64 GB

Storage: 250 GB local storage

To assess the options provided by the DIAS provides we sent a request to their respective support systems with requests for prices for the machines specified above. The requests were sent on 27th May and providers were given a week to reply. The DIAS providers mostly offer a tiered pricing based on whether you are renting for a short period or committing to rent for a longer period. These differences are reflected in the pricing.

Basic VM
short term
Basic VM
long term (1 year contract)
Advanced VM
short term
Advanced VM
long term (1 year contract)
WeKEO 104.75 76,40 280.18 174.96
Mundi * 149.66 98.64 339.89 249.00
ONDA 55.00 Not provided 215.00 Not provided
CreoDIAS 104.75 76.40 280.18 174.96
Sobloo** No response No response No response No response

* Mundi DIAS prices are calculated using the open telekom cloud calculator advertised on their website as the preferred way to calculate prices. The calculator can be found at https://open-telekom-cloud.com/en/prices/price-calculator

** SOBLOO DIAS did not respond to our specific request so the information about their pricing has been taken from a price list available on the DIAS website