Technical Services

Onda can supply a range of virtual servers based on a project's requirements, ranging from general purpose servers with balanced CPU and memory resources up to memory intensive or computing intensive servers for larger or faster processing power. They also offer the option to scale and configure custom environments or add extra storage to existing servers.

ONDA provides three different API’s; the OData API, a basic Open Search API and an advanced API. The OData interface exposed by the Catalogue allows browsing, selecting and downloading of EO products. The Open Search API simply allows for data discovery from the ONDA catalogue through HTTP requests. The advanced API service is free of charge for users who order a Virtual Server, is run on an Elastic Node Server (ENS) and allows efficient access to portions of products.

Jupyter notebooks integration is available as part of a cus tom environment service, which provides pre-configured virtual environments for all users who make use of Onda’s virtual servers.

Support Options

Onda has a number of support options available, including a list of 45 FAQs, documentation, multiple user guides and a contact form. They also have a searchable glossary of technical terms and their definitions.

Online documentation or user guides
Frequently asked questions
Working Examples e.g. Jupyter Notebooks ✓*
Helpdesk support via email
Telephone support
*Working examples available on request via email.


Onda has a number of services available for free including data discovery, an advanced api, access to a WMS to view the data and ability to download the data for free. Virtual servers, support and data storage are charged extras. Four types of virtual servers are offered; General Purpose, Computing Intensive, Memory Intensive and simple storage volumes with pricing ranging from 7GB starting at 22 EUR a month up to 120GB RAM at 325 EUR a month excluding tax.

Basic VM CPU: 4 cores | RAM: 16 GB | Storage: 100 GB local storage

Advanced VM | CPU: 8 cores | RAM: 64 GB | Storage: 250 GB local storage

All prices quote are Euros per month excluding VAT.

Basic VM
short term
Basic VM
long term (1 year contract)
Advanced VM
short term
Advanced VM
long term (1 year contract)
55.00 Not provided 215.00 Not provided