Technical Services

Mundi’s cloud service is called Open Telekom Cloud and is hosted in Germany, offering virtual computing servers with scalability and load balancing. For virtual machine offerings users can choose between 1 and 60 vCPUs as well as 1 to 940 GB RAM with unlimited scalability. It runs on a pay as you use system where users only pay for monthly usage of storage (starting from 5 GB which is free).

Jupyter Notebooks integration is available and has pre-installed tools to enhance the user experience. Examples are available in a shared environment with the possibility to install complementary tools to fit your requirements.

Support Options

MUNDI has multiple freely available support options including a getting started guide, FAQs, full documentation, and a help contact form. MUNDI is the only DIAS system to provide a full-service monitoring page showing the current uptime and status of MUNDIservices. There is also the option to pay to extend support and access their helpdesk if required.

Online documentation or user guides
Frequently asked questions
Working Examples e.g. Jupyter Notebooks
Helpdesk support via email
Telephone support ✓*
*Telephone support is included in the technical support package, currently not included in free tier.


Mundi has a customised pricing structure, with a selection of free tools including data, sandbox and basic support but with the option of paying for extended services. For Mundi Cloud you pay depending on the configuration chosen but extended support begins at 750 EUR a day. Advanced tools come at a custom price whilst Copernicus and Landsat data are free.

Basic VM CPU: 4 cores | RAM: 16 GB | Storage: 100 GB local storage

Advanced VM | CPU: 8 cores | RAM: 64 GB | Storage: 250 GB local storage

All prices quote are Euros per month excluding VAT.

Basic VM
short term
Basic VM
long term (1 year contract)
Advanced VM
short term
Advanced VM
long term (1 year contract)
149.66 98.64 339.89 249.00

* Mundi DIAS prices are calculated using the open telekom cloud calculator advertised on their website as the preferred way to calculate prices. The calculator can be found at