Technical Services

CREODIAS offers cloud based virtual machines running CentOS, Ubuntu or Windows. The resources can be increased based on the users’ needs, ranging between 1 GB and 128 GB RAM, and 8 GB and 384 GB SSD. At an extra cost dedicated server virtual machines are also available ranging from 48 GB to 498 GB RAM. In terms of containers, two types are available; Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. An extensive REST API is available with access to OpenStack (cloud system), Finder (data viewer) and billing data. The API can export data in various formats; GeoTIFF, JP2, JPX, PNG, JPG. Integrated Jupyter Hub & Notebooks support is available free of charge for every registered CREODIAS user.

The CREODIAS cloud offering is called Hybrid Cloud and is provided by CloudFerro, it consists of a private cloud, located in Reading, UK, and the access to the public EO Cloud localised in Warsaw, Poland. Both solutions are based on the open source cloud system called OpenStack with access to 6PBs of EO data and 150PB of climate data.

Earth Observation Applications

Two earth observation applications are available; EO Finder and EO Browser. EO Finder is a search engine, designed for selecting products based on sets of specific variables - such as time, place, collection, processing level. The data can be accessed with JSON-based API. EO Browser is a front-end web application for querying and browsing all imagery datasets from various missions.

Data can be searched by location name or GNSS coordinates, with a smart calendar option for quick overview of available dates. Results are returned in tabular form or a spatial overlay, with export options of the current view to a JPG or full resolution GeoTiff.

Support Options

CREODIAS has multiple freely available support options, including an extensive FAQ section with detailed tutorials and procedures, a searchable knowledge-base, and an accessible support email address for queries.

Online documentation or user guides
Frequently asked questions
Working Examples e.g. Jupyter Notebooks
Helpdesk support via email
Telephone support


CREODIAS have two main payment methods available, a flexible prepay per hour based on usage and a fixed, long term contract where access is booked in for a certain length of time. For long term usage, the fixed contract works out to be more cost effective, however, where usage may vary and management is required, the prepay per hour is more suitable.

There are multiple discounts available for the platform, including discounts for contracts longer than 1 year or for large cloud environment orders, and a special discount of 18.5% for scientific institutions. CREDOIAS offer free credits worth 150 EUR for new EO data users to test and evaluate the platform, plus free of charge EO data access from CREODIAS cloud environment.

Basic VM CPU: 4 cores | RAM: 16 GB | Storage: 100 GB local storage

Advanced VM | CPU: 8 cores | RAM: 64 GB | Storage: 250 GB local storage

All prices quote are Euros per month excluding VAT.

Basic VM
short term
Basic VM
long term (1 year contract)
Advanced VM
short term
Advanced VM
long term (1 year contract)
104.75 76.40 280.18 174.96